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Originally Posted by lni
I repeatedly mentioned that I cannot feel an increase in a mediocre (or at least minimal) increase in hp/torque. However, I can feel better throttle response. I could in all the aftermarket intake equipped BMW's I've owned over the years as well (I had aftermarket intakes in 4 of the 6 previous bimmers I've owned). I highly doubt any intake in a modern lower displacement normally aspirated BMW will get you the gains you are talking about (15hp/10tq). You will likely get a minor bump, but the main draw is to get the fuel burning quicker, by getting more air at it sooner. BMW wouldn't be making 335's if they could get 15hp/10tq by redesigning the intake.

By the way.. I just checked the original linked thread. It seems that those people are reporting the exact same thing... better throttle response, and a slight throatier sound. In fact, most are calling it a much better throttle response (or even raving about the difference). So.. you, who have not done this, are a better judge than the dozens who have?

(edited) I wanted to add that there is a bit throatier sound. My wife just followed me down to drop off my car for serivice (BT and mp3 not working), and asked if I had done a mod to the car, since it seemed a bit louder. Those wives... jeesh.. can't slip anything by them.
Agreed. As for that high horsepower gains from intake, I wasn't referring to bmw.

Since you guys are claiming such "better throttle response" and better sound, maybe I should give it a try and see how it really feels.
Oh im going to be real pissed if nothing changes and all this is just a hype.
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