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Originally Posted by forrestpilot View Post
At home the car is in the garage. Don't have that option at work and park outdoors in parking lot. Was talking to a friend at work who had a new 350Z. He had had a custom cover he used in the work lot. Noticed after a while he was not using and asked why. Said after a while the cover would get dirty and end up scratching his car and decided not to use. sentiments exactly.
i would NEVER put a car cover on a car that has not been washed that day or at the most the day before. otherwise u r asking for a repaint within a year.

also, within a week of parking outdoors that cover is going to be filthy.
if it rains and the car cover is not some special new kind, moisture will get between your car and your cover. see what happens to your paint after the sun bakes the trapped moisture inside your car cover.

just build a frame with four 4 x 8's or whatever, throw up a hard colored plastic roof on top and presto! u have a garage (without walls).