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Originally Posted by Craigito View Post
At first I thought this was going to be a nose in or nose out parking. I can't stand douchebags who insist on pulling in reverse to every parking spot (even going inside the grocery store to get some milk). Just last night this SUV took about 7 times to get it into his spot as i'm sitting there in Reverse waiting for this jackass to get out of my way.

Wow..that was way off topic. Sorry to digress. I have a garage. I live in Socal so the weather isn't bad enough here to buy a car cover IMO even if I did park outside. Although if I had a black/dark blue car I might consider one. At least all the ash from the fires is gone now!!!
I ALWAYS back into a parking space, one of my cousins was backing out of a space not too long ago and was nailed in the rear corner by a driver who was busy looking elsewhere, turns out that according to the insurance industry's standardized handbook regarding private property, the one in reverse is always 100% at fault. However unlike some people who I have no idea how they managed to get a license, I usually reverse straight and dead centre in one go.

My neighbour across the street backs his Porshe into the garage which I do admit I find a bit odd, it might have to do with spacing and proximity to the wall though.

To the OP, if you intend to park outside in the summer and do not find it practical to use a cover as the car is driven frequently, at the least I would recommend using a sunshade to protect your dash and seats.

Edit: For the winter, you can get this special sheet that's approximately the size of your windshield; you lay it over top, open each front door and drape in these fabric tabs then shut them to keep the thing in place. Then in the morning after a snowfall and/or icy rain, you can just shake everything off without having to scrape at the glass.
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