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Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
How big is your Ipod? Does is still not show all your titles if you have over an x amount?
20G. Im OCD, and have my ipod arranged in a few ways to help. I had it this way prior to the MOST being installed.

My arrangement:

Lets say I have a category that might qualify as a playlist (ie hip hop). I have tons of artists, but not enough to warrant each artist having their own name. I probably have about 150 hip hop songs. I change the artist name to hip hop, and then the song title is the artist name - song title. Now all it shows up as under artist is Hip Hop, and then I can scroll through there. Its basically creating a playlist within the artist name. I did this for alternative music as well. Probably 300 songs there.

This allows me to scroll through my ipod normally and through the idrive rather quickly. My ipod is 75% full, and I have no issues whatsoever with not having anything show.