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Smile What we BROKE Today: 400WHP!

Actually a bit over 400whp

This compares today's run with a run taken nearly approx 1 year ago when the car was stock. Same dyno. Reasonably similar conditions. Identical test procedure.

For those who question the correction method, here are the results SAE corrected:

and Uncorrected:

FWIW, this wasn't even our highest run. The best peak numbers from todays tuning session came from this run:

It was early in the tuning process so boost curve is a little bumpy with boost taper occurring too early (6700rpm).

Full Disclosure:
Today's runs were on 98 octane, not 91oct pump gas. These results are with stock downpipes/stock primary cats. We will be installing catless downpipes as soon as we get them from Riss Racing. That means that the only exhaust mod is our cat-back which replaces the secondary cats. We are still running the stock intercooler and diverter valves as well. We are playing around with a custom intake design but have yet to quantify its effects. Still too busy with PROcede mapping to get to that point just yet. We figured you guys just wanted to know what the car is capable of given just over 1 year of development time. I'm guessing that there is still another 20-30whp in there too v2 baby.

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