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Originally Posted by *****ed335BMW View Post
Now go beat the crap out of the car running those levels for 6 months and let us know if anything actually breaks, this what the people really need to know, what the true limit is for a daily driver!! NICE NUMBERS THOUGH!!!
FWIW, we've been running this around for the last 5 weeks. I've driven it. Dustin has driven it. Even a few customers have used it as a "loaner" for a few days at at time. We knew it was fast. We just didn't know it was making that much power.

catm3-- The PROcede map we are using is very similar to the v2.0.2 map that we will be posting up later this week. It is even running the exact same default torque values (80-90% in the low end/midrange and 100% above 6000rpm). We did make some changes to account for the extra octane, among other things. FWIW, we are controlling another engine function right now (more than just boost, afr target and timing). We have yet to determine if its necessary though. If it is, it'll be a simple firmware/wire loom update. If not, not. We still have more testing to do.