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Originally Posted by razer8724 View Post
clyde, i opened up the purple connector and all the cables are in their correct positions. Also, the 10 pins on the display are perfect in shape and are not bent or malformed. Could it be a short circuit in the green wire? Or does the purple connector cable come from somewhere else and possibly have a loose connection there?
The other end of the cable connects to the back of the Car Communication Computer (CCC), the brain with the CD and DVD slots. That cable is taped together with other cables, so it seems unlikely that the other end could have pulled loose.

Another simple test:
Plug the cable back in, but do not install the screen. Gently move the connector and cable around -- look for any changes on the screen.

If the problem is the cable or connector, it will most likely be pins 1 or 2.
Problems with the other pins would most likely cause the screen to be blank.

Were the screen pictures taken with the tvandnav2go installed?
Was there any difference between installed and not installed?

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