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Originally Posted by zero2sixtyZ View Post
Walnut blasting is definitely good. I've heard the best intervals are around 35-40k. It's definitely considered maintenance on these cars because of the direct injection, since fuel doesn't help clean the valves. I've heard the BMS OCC will help with some blowby / carbon, but not all.

2A87 Outlet-Vanos variable cam control test + 3100 boost-pressure control, deactivation

Basically, the VANOS sensors get clogged or dirty, if not fail, and need to be cleaned/replaced. Happens under WOT and it won't allow the turbos to spool until you restart the car.

Been happening more frequently at 77k. It's a quick fix but I haven't had the time yet. I've purchased new bolts and O-rings just in case I can get away with cleaning them.

Here's the DIY:
FWIW my BMS OCC is always bone dry, I guess maybe a light coating on the walls. If anything it's just a pain to get the bottom 1/2 on and off when I do oil changes.

At least cleaning/replacing the vanos looks quick and easy to do!
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Originally Posted by TheAxiom
FYI - I don't drive hard at all. So I'm not interested in more clamping force when I won't use it. Even on my car, I take it easy. It's just too loud to be enjoyable.