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Originally Posted by Nikki
Oh right she's ugly because she doesn't wax her arms like 98% of America.

hair on the arms is so low on the list it'd appear to be nitpicking. i'd rather comment on a nose being too big or the eyes pinched too close together, if that were the case.

'women aren't supposed to have body hair'
has only been a societial programming thing.

As would be for ex. burping in front of people, etc.

Not saying it's right, I mean, i'd double look if I saw a girl with hairy legs....

But I won't pass judgement because are we to expect women not to have hair on their legs, that they must shave it before they leave the house/seen in public?

Are tainted teeth considered a fault of a person? Most people have naturally 'not as bright' teeth. It's the selling of white teeth and bleeching that has programmed bright teeth = clean and desirable. So I don't pass judgement either.

Another 'programming' is from the shampoo companies. You dont need to wash your hair every single day (unless you worked out for hrs and not perspire but sweat and have a job interview tomorrow morning!.
Otherwise everyday washing dries out the natural oils your scalp needs to build up for itself. But guess what, they sell you dandruff shampoo.