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So far I have been dissapointed with the BMW service. I have been to Peter Pan of San Mateo and BMW of SF. Don't have much to complain about Peter Pan BMW except that they don't give you loaners and drive you around for a while in a van to get you to work. At least they pick you up after the service is completed.

BMW of SF:
1st time I dropped my car for oil change they gave me a Corolla and charged me $5 (because it was an upgrade from Chevy something!).

2nd time I opted for a drop off only to find out later that they don't pick you up after the service is done! After some argument, I was able to score a cab voucher for $10 from SA for my return trip to the dealership. It gets more interesting. The day I dropped my car off nobody called me back. I was in and out of meetings all day and didn't follow up with them till after 5pm. They were closed for the day.. The next day after I left a nasty message, my SA calls back and says that he left me a message or at least to someone else... I didn't get a message and don't care if someone else got a message it was not me. He offered no apologies. The car interior was not cleaned.

I had better service when I had Toyatas and Nissans for sure.