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Char. filter

Originally Posted by poldim
We dont have a problem with removing it. We have a problem with potentially putting it back and not making it noticible if we need warranty work done.
Faaak! Im doing this mod right now and there is no way to remove this filter without ripping it apart. It seems to have been press fit or glue fit between heat injected / molded parts. Here is the part number # 1371 7542018-04 and there is another number 109912 13 DE.
My parts counter is closed today at the stealer

Can someone get a price on this part ? I figure if we know how much this part is than we can rip out the filter, and if warr work needs to be done in that area we can swap another one in. This may not work if they discontinue the part number or up Rev. Just an idea!

However the VDO meter which Im assuming is the MAF, is shown in the pictures and if that needs to be be replaced ( which happened to me on the porsche at $412 I did labour myself ) they will definately be in there. The good thing is if you have an OBDII instrument ( or go to autozone $0) you could probably see this comming after you investigate a CEL . The code that will pop will probably refer to lean or rich air fuel mixture in the cylinder banks.

I posted a few days ago about how the fuse card sucks and they just have pictures and no explanation of what the fuse is what. Its just a cash cow for the stealer. Times will be tuff after warr. up my compadres.
My point is if BMW is so tight with there fuses schematic I doubt they will let us know what OBD / CEL codes for the e90 are.

btw to take it out and put it back in was a total of 20 mins so I put it back in for now think about a feasible solution.

Anyway wife is yelpin about car parts on the granite in the kitchen, It got a little chilly so I brought the intake housing in to work on it.

I wanted to post all pics but I took close ups which was alot of megs so i attached a zip folder.

let me know what you think
L8ts !!
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