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I got my 335xi coupe (AW/CR) from Sterling BMW for 1500 over invoice. They threw in free ipod and BMW mats so it comes out a bit less than that.

FCUK fairfax BMW...they are A$$holes...I originally was working with them on a Friday night. I got there late around 715PM and they closed at 8. So anyways, we test drive, talk about hte car and options and start to negotiate. We get to $1500 over invoice and since it was now past 8PM we both decided I would return the next morning to finish paperwork and leave deposit (also gave me 1 nite to sleep on it).

Very next morning asst mgr calls to make sure im coming in and tells me he'll still honor the previous nights deal. An hour later I show up and they totally ignore me....'Hmm..OK..' I thought. So i wait around for about 30 min while my salesman the asst mgr and GM are in the office laughing and stuff. He approaches and says ok so lets work out the papers. I said OK and we proceed to build the same car as last night. As we speak of price he says...let me see what we had. He leaves, goes into the GM's office laughs and walks back out...WTF?!?

He comes and says...sorry, today the best we can do is $2250 over invoice...its the end of the month (October) we have to order this car and it wont count for this months sale since its not on the lot. If you like, we'll give you one on the lot for a much better deal? I was like dude WTF, that was never an option from the beginning...I had told you I wanted AW w/ CR interior but you had NONE. So then he leaves and goes back to GMs office.

This time they chat for a while, laugh then after 15 more min comes back. So then he says, look the lowest we'll do is 1800 over invoice. I was like WTF?!?! Are you joking w/ me?? Am I dreaming?? You just called me an hour told me to come in and EVEN said you'd honor the deal?!? Why are you wasting my time?? I will not sign for anything less than what we agreed on yesterday.

So he says 'Im sorry'. I was shocked...I couldnt was a Saturday and I had delayed work (4 hrs) to finish up paper work and the dealer is like 40 min away from me and out of the way. So I get up, walk away and grumble 'fcukin bullshit' under my breath but the couple sitting nearby was aware of what was going on and looked concerned.

I get out, pull out and drive off. About 5 min later the sales guy calls me 'Come back, the manager says he'll do it..' I was FUMED!!! WTF are you guys playing games w/ me?!?! I was like...OK I'll turn around. I never did

Best thing I ever did. Once my car comes in I will drive to Fairfax BMW and flick off the ppl who fcuked w/ me that day...