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Originally Posted by Notorious View Post
It might just be me, but i find the steering on my 335i e90 w/ SP to be absurdly heavy, especially when compared to my old e46. I don't consider myself weak either, but driving this thing agressively seems like a workout. Also, this is the first set of low profile, wide tires i have ever had the chance of driving, and cetainly the first set of run-flats. I've read about the dislike of the RFT's here on e90post and the positive impressions from those who removed them in favor of non-RFT's...

What im looking for specifically is what if any improvments people have found in the steering department. Does it feel lighter? More lively? More responsive?
I have your answer. Trust me on this one, you will know I'm right the second you make this improvement:

Forged wheels at 20lbs each or less.

The stock wheels are absurdly heavy, over 30lbs each. The day my BBS RG-R forged (<20lbs) went on I did not even get out of the parking lot before I could tell a difference. I was skeptical going into it if there would be any difference other than looks. The car definitely is lighter and more responsive (at the cost of a little bit of straight line stability on the highway).