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It's tough to say without seeing a picture, but first step is to get relatively abrasive polish and remove anything that was scraped onto your car (i.e. paint/plastic from something else).

After that, take a look at the damage. If the chip goes through the clear coat and paint, you're going to need some touch up paint, which is typically a single stage equivalent of the paint that is on your car. To repair it to a high quality, you will need to apply the touch up paint correctly and wet sand your car's finish around the damage. If you are not comfortable with taking sand paper to your car's finish (it is scary, no matter what anyone says) or do not have the tools to bring the finish back to a high shine, someone will do this for you for around $50 or $75. If you want to take a crack at it yourself, this is a good place to learn how:

Good luck and post some before/afters.
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