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I think I agree that non RFTs are a better ride. But I still don't have the courage of putting them on since I don't have a jack to change my tires if I get a flat tire (and haven't accepted the logic of using the tire emergency inflator cans yet). I don't even know if you can find a jack set for E90s (including a small spare tire).

I just hooked up my winters. I went with the 18's Pirellis 240 RFT Sottozero with the original set up of 255/35 rear and 225/40 front. I was able to secure a set of189s from a 335i coupe sport package in US via ebay (60% cheaper from what BMW will sell them for). I just came back from a trip to Edmonton (289 kms away) and I'll tell you these Pirellis are a better ride but I'm not sure if it is becasue of the winter characteristics of it since they are softer (designed to stick on the ice or snow better).

On this trip I was able to hit 210 kms/hr (130.5 miles/hr) and tires can handle it really well and the ride was smooth. The tires looks great as they look like summers. But the price is what makes me think, once my tire insurance lapsed in 5 years I really need to consider RFTs and maybe I can switch to 19s without worrying about the stiffness too much since they will be non-RFTs.