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Speeding Ticket

Well......I got nailed for speeding..only 2weeks after i got my car.

I was driving on 680North which I think i was going about 75ish mph, car behind was going about the same speed, Escalade flying past me at about 90mph. CHP cuts the car behind me and starts taillgating me for 2minutes (he hasnt turned on the siren). Everytime I switch lanes, he switched lanes rapidely. Finally, im about to take the exit (he is still taillgating me), and finally turns on the siren. Pulls me over, writes up his ticket and says "Nice car.....sign here". I was cited for 80mph on a 65.

So my question to you Santa Clara County people in the bay area, any of u guys did trial of written declaration? If you lose the written declaration, do u still have the option of traffic school?

P.S. The cop said he used "Lidar"..thought they used radar for highways?

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