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Originally Posted by Aija View Post
Well......I got nailed for speeding..only 2weeks after i got my car.

I was driving on 680North which I think i was going about 75ish mph, car behind was going about the same speed, Escalade flying past me at about 90mph. CHP cuts the car behind me and starts taillgating me for 2minutes (he hasnt turned on the siren). Everytime I switch lanes, he switched lanes rapidely. Finally, im about to take the exit (he is still taillgating me), and finally turns on the siren. Pulls me over, writes up his ticket and says "Nice car.....sign here". I was cited for 80mph on a 65.

So my question to you Santa Clara County people in the bay area, any of u guys did trial of written declaration? If you lose the written declaration, do u still have the option of traffic school?

P.S. The cop said he used "Lidar"..thought they used radar for highways?
Lidar is a laser speed measuring system. It is also instant on so a detector only works if someone else is the target before you. Because Lidar reads velocity from a fixed position the spotter could have been parked BEHIND an overpass support and targeted you as you passed his position. Lidar can only be used from a fixed point meaning its useless from a moving vehicle so it is likely you were picked off by a CHP speed enforcement team using one parked vehicle to do the measurement and roving vehicles that actually make the stop. Unless you were the only vehicle matching the general description the spotter used it is likely the guy that stopped you was clocking you when he was "tailgating" you. Did you slow down when you saw him behind you?

Speed enforcement teams are normally assigned to enforce an area where there was a recent accident related to speeding. The main stat that is used to evaluate an officers performance is the accident rate in his patrol area. If the accident rate stays the same or goes down he is considered to be doing his job. If the accident rate goes up it will attract the attention of his supervisor and a speed enforcement team will be called in to cover his bosses butt.


The speed teams do not get points for the number of tickets they write, however...
Although this is considered wrong in most jurisdictions on occasion the local watch commander may start a "ticket pool" by putting say $10 or $20 in his hat. The hat is then passed around and those who join in match the amount. At the end of the watch the guy that writes the most tickets wins.
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