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i don't know why but it seems my wording makes me sound like this is going to be easy. i know it is hard and i only got part of the many things i need for the final product, i created this thread to get advice and opinions, from other people here who own business, have experiences, etc so i can take in feedback.

im still in school, studying, family, etc but i am still searching for business opportunities while im still in school. no reason for me just to finish school and wait to find what im looking for. if worst comes to worst i would have to ask my parent's/family for money. but i have a pride situation so to say that i want to make it on my own as the rest of my family did in business.

so i have an interview at CEC this sat evening, we'll see how that goes, and i have another person in NJ that owns a car shop that knows what i want to do and its what he was thinking of doing for the past 2 years but didn't know where to start. his shop is just a big rim place for now. so we'll see what i can make of that as well.

still studying, still looking for opportunities, and still thrieving to be a sucess