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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
Yea, It's just getting repetitive.

+1, With the economy the way it is and how bad it will be getting this thread just proves its another rich kid who doesnt know whats really happening.

Although I am sure he does making 100k on ebay and all.
wow there you go again. another rich kid who doesn't know whats really happening in the economy. what do you mean by that? a car tuning business is based on economy, yes, but where has the tuning epidemic gone? it is steadily increasing. tuning cars is making a bold statement this generation and is forever growing in popularity. so right now the market for a tuning shop is very good. not at the start but once reputable your in the real business.

instead of trying to figure out how i made 100k on ebay why don't you try it. its the easiest way to make an extra paycheck only now days you need to be alot more careful on wording.

once again all you have said to be were negatives no encouragement or anything. not even a but gl with everything. really shows what kind of character you are. but like i said i don't care about what you say at all. thanks for the support though