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your telling me to grow the fuck up yea ok buddy. i don't want to you baby me and give me influential words but not once have you said anything nice to me.

and your right ive never had real "hard" work. started off at a grocery store, moved up to ebay, moved up to a pizza parlor, and now im unemployed at college seeking opportunities while continueing my studies.

i don't know how many times i gotta say this. i know its not easy. the whole point of me making this thread was to get advice from others.

hey ebay was easy for me. that doesn't mean everybody would be doing. everybody got their own skills mine was making sales on ebay. the sales were so easy back in the day, list your auctions relist and manage feedback, not to mention it being all profit. everybody is different got different skills and interests. me being good on ebay doesn't mean my friend is. nobody is alike.

its like a friend going up to you and being like my online business is such an easy way to make money. why?, b.c he got the skills and tools needed to do it while to some others its alot harder. your being a bitch saying if i can do it and its so easy why isn't everyone else, b.c not everyones the same.

i keep saying i don't care i believe you or not b.c i need to respond to all your negative bs comments. im not gonna be a bitch and just take your bullshit. now you calling me a baby cause im responding to your posts?