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Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
One last point about the LIDAR ticket in California there is no judicial notice on the use of LIDAR. Which means that the LIDAR have not been demonstrated or is generally accepted as a accurate way of making Speed measurement. Using this defense is usually done in front of a judge, you could put this forward in a TBD and argue that the officer did not provide any documentation that is use of LIDAR was correct or accurate.
Very true..

Also lidar suffers from the "slip" effect. Meaning that unless the laser is pointed in the same spot on the car for the second it takes to get a reading then it could be off..

Basically lidar works by taking several distance measurements, but if he starts on the hood of your car and it moves up almost near the glass its adding that distance measure in, which can add up to 30-40mph onto your speed.

Below videos show slip effect.

Part 1

Part 2

One last thing.. If your speed indicated in your bmw said 80 mph you were only really going 75-76ish, if it said 75ish then you were going 70-72ish.