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Originally Posted by SE3P_to_E90 View Post
I attend johns hopkins. Econ major, Business/entrepreneurship minor... last year in this school...

Man, i tell ya, it's tough looking for jobs and all that because the market is such crap. I have the relevant experience, etc (i want to be in the i-banking industry), but it's tough. So many layoffs, people looking for jobs, etc... man, it's not easy at all...

what are you studying in school? I remember in the beginning, you were saying something like you didn't want to waste money going to school, etc... but school isn't really to find out "what," per se, you want to do, but rather, how you'll go about doing it, etc...

Most of my buddies in the financial services industry tell me, "you learn nothing in school... we get these new analysts, and they don't know Sh!t"
So, think of it that way, and make friends/connections, and get yourself heard.
thanks alot for the advice man. damn im still laughin, i always thought you were the girl in your sig haha. gl with your career man and once again thanks.