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Originally Posted by BMWE90 View Post
hmm if I saw a cop I would have slowed down to either 65 or 70, not continue going 75 and switch lanes as this would only give him more reason to notice you. What could have happened was that you got nervous and stepped on the gas without even noticing it (thus he paced you for going 80). I know it's shitty but I that happened to me once. I got pulled over on 680 for going 80 and I was 2 miles from home.

But like others have said, he was probably just pacing you instead of using Lidar. Besides, I thought they're still just testing out the Lidar?? It's not officially been accepted yet and as of now, very few cops have them.
Thats the thing..i was going 75ish (hell could have been 80 at one point)...but i saw the CHP come from 2miles back...he was also in the fast lane with a car infront of i slow down to 65 at this point. I thought he was going to pull over the escalade who was going about 90mph in the third lane but decided to go infront of the car behind me following me.

At this point the escalade freaked out and slammed his brakes going at the same speed as me now. I think i was even going 60 at this point and switched lanes twice (20seconds apart from each other) .. Right when i signal to take the exit, i got the siren...

Oh well... I havent gotten a speeding ticket in 3 years. Usually i just plead guilty and go to traffic school. I just thought this time around I'd fight it. If i was going like 85 or something and he just pulled me over right away, id just plead guilty. But him playing games is what makes me go