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What is your gym locker room etiquette?

After working out at the gym, I go to the locker room to change and go in the sauna and steam room (which are located inside the locker room). With that said, which law do you abide by when changing and walking around one area of the locker room to another (such as the sauna, steam room, shower, etc.)

Here's my way of doing things:

I get a towel from the front counter, go to my locker, and proceed to do the following:

1. Take off the sweats
2. Wrap towel around my waist
3. Reach under and take off my underwear
4. Replace underwear with swim trunks
5. Take off the towel and walk to my desired location.

I really skeeve the people who prance around naked with thier schlongs freely flopping around. To quote Jerry Sienfeld "Theres no layer of clothing between me and them" and that really freaks me out

No offense to anyone here by the way, just wanted to get an idea for how people look at this certain scenario.