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Google/Wikipedia are your friend. There's more info on the different martials arts then you'd ever want to know. Research a few, and see what gets your interest.
Also, most gyms will allow you to watch or sit in on a class for free. Gives you a chance to see if the sport (and the instructor) are to your liking, before paying any dues. Give that a shot.

What "stuff" do you need to learn to counter, and why do you need to attack?
I take pride in the fact that since I began training, I've never been in a fight outside the ring.
Don't learn to fight, just to walk around a bully people.
thanks ill give it a shot.

well its not the fact that if i take any martial art, that i'll go walk around starting fights - i just need to learn how to back myself up if someone ever tries to bully me around or start something. i dont wanna seem like a pussy or anything...