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Originally Posted by that guy nico View Post
yeah i might just do jujitsu.... i honestly dont know whats the main difference of each martial art.

i wanna mostly learn how to counter stuff and where to attack since those two seem to be the things im bad at
I practiced competative Muay Thai for 5 yrs and it's not a countering martial art. It's pretty straight foward, but your shins will take a beating. As far as JKD goes, it's very difficult to find a good place. I've sparred with many people who claimed to have trained in JKD, but I've been disappointed because it was almost aways mostly kick boxing, and not always good kick boxing. I'm currently training in Wing Chun, it is very different from the movie Kung Fu bullshit and very different from my Muay Thai. This is a semi-countering martial art, it's philosophy is very interesting and is worth checking out if you can find a good place. Martial arts is a very personal decision and personal path.