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Charcoal filter Vs. Dinian or aftermarket intake

Originally Posted by poldim
We dont have a problem with removing it. We have a problem with potentially putting it back and not making it noticible if we need warranty work done.
Im not sure if you had a chance to see the pics I posted but I have some more dirt. I went by the stealer for lunch today and I spoke with the performance guy who is supposed to be the Dinan expert.

He says that Dinan does not have an aftermarket intake for the E90 yet and he added it took a while before they had it for the E60, and yes the Dinan's do not have the Charcoal filter . All Dinan bolt on's do not void warranty and as suspected he said cutting the filter out would.

And the part number that I quoted earlier is $417 at this dealer but im sure you could get a better price from an online dealer.

So it may be worthwhile to wait for an aftermarket intake and have the stock one on the side to swap in willy nilly!

Thanx for the fuse info!

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