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Originally Posted by shpuntik View Post
I disagree with the generational thing. I see many guys below 40 walking around like nothing is wrong and having casual conversations about thier daily life.

This to me is rediculous and when they come swingin my way, I usually dart the other way.
It is funny to see how people who have grown up in America for all their lives react to NUDITY (all links back to our Puritan roots). Your comments remind of friends my age talking about the "ugly" and "sick" liver spots an old person has. We were born naked so deal with it (as you can see I am a proponent of public nudity). I have come and grown to deal with it because I am an open-minded person who has traveled and seen public nudity "at its worse" in other countries, but now I have gotten used to it. I would like to see how other people my age would act (esp. those from other countries) to nudity.