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Originally Posted by RenaultOne View Post
It is funny to see how people who have grown up in America for all their lives react to NUDITY (all links back to our Puritan roots). Your comments remind of friends my age talking about the "ugly" and "sick" liver spots an old person has. We were born naked so deal with it (as you can see I am a proponent of public nudity). I have come and grown to deal with it because I am an open-minded person who has traveled and seen public nudity "at its worse" in other countries, but now I have gotten used to it. I would like to see how other people my age would act (esp. those from other countries) to nudity.
To each thier own man, exactly why at the begining of my post I said "no offense to anyone here, I just want to see other people's reaction towards this"

However since I did grow up in America (having been born in Moscow, Russia), I will express my freedom of speech:

As a person who believes in public nudity, I think you should definetly question your motives. I understand that many generations/nationalities/religeon's before our time are used to walking around and going about thier daily life without any clothes on; However the keyword here is BEFORE OUR TIME. We are in 2007 going on 2008, how the hell are you going to tell me that it is OK for you to come strolling at me with your schlong all out an about and start up a casual conversation about the current crisis in Iraq?

I don't think it matters what countries you have visited or what level of nudity you have seen. What does that prove? That since you have seen people naked in more than one country that you should take your pants off and participate in indecent exposure? Don't be part of the herd man.

Why don't you just do it in the privacy of your own home? I for one will tell you, I really do not want to see your penis. And I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that doesn't. But I will duly note it just in case I see you come swinging at me, to walk (or run for that matter) in the opposite direction.