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Originally Posted by Varise View Post
IMO, it comes down to what you want out of the system. If it's pure gaming and aesthetics I would go with the 360. If you want out an out of the box Blu-Ray HD player, bluetooth, and more of a media center then my choice would be PS3. I personally buy a game system for games, therefore my choice is clearly a 360. I think the PS3 missed the boat on the latest round of console wars, though they may change their fortunes for the next generation. The PS3 has yet to put out an exclusive title that would drive me to their system (though this may change in the near future,) yet the 360 has clearly done so. I think that it is an accurate statement to say that the PS3 is a bit for difficult to program for, that is why you have seen some 360 games of the same title have an earlier release date then that of the PS3. My 2 cents.

Check out this link to see the minor aesthetic differences between the same games on both the PS3 and 360. This is a small sample size, nonetheless it is what it is.
Great info....
Right now I'm just playing PC games, but might look in to a video game consule soon

will this be a good deal?

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