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Originally Posted by poldim
Interesting. I just dont see how they would argue that you need it or anything. I mean if you go in for service, and the tech notices. He might mention it, might not. But if he does, they cant force you to buy the $417 part.

Dinan discussion was that Dinan covers warranty repairs if its remotely caused by the Dinan part. It doesnt void warranty, but they just swallow the bill.

And I agree, there is no way that the DMV would know about your charcole filter removal.
I agree.... so will you go thru with it or wait for an aftermarket, K&N or a dinan.

I think I might wait till an after market one is available and save the stock one for a rainy day.
I swear if that MAF wasnt there I would just stick a huge round K & N filter with no housing ( totaly ricey)with a steel ring inside the hose to clamp on and bracket it in some how just for curiosity to see what I might get.

Let me know if you decide to go with it, would like to hear your post mod analysis.
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