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Hey, can anyone with networking experience help me? Here's my problem:

I haven't been able to connect my computer to the internet for about a week now. Here's the problem...I'm connected to my home network using Verizon DSL and all the computers in my house can connect to the Internet except mine. The modem is fine, and the router is fine. I can't understand what the problem is, but I can't live without the internet, and I'm afraid a complete format is the only solution.

Here's the strange thing. I can get onto the Internet every great once in a while, but only for about 30 seconds, and then I get "kicked" off as it stops working...while all the other computers in the house are fine. When it stops working, I can't even connect to the router using All my network settings are fine because I haven't touched them. Any idea what can be causing this? I'd like to download all the new security updates from microsoft, but I can't get online long enough to do anything. Could a virus be causing this?

I've got Norton Internet Security 2006, but I've already disabled it many times to see if the firewall was reconfigured and might have stopped it, but still nothing. IE and Outlok are both configured to "Automatic" so I changed them to "Permit all" before disabling and still nothing.

I also did a netsh winsock reset and netsh firewall reset (even though I don't use windows firewall) and still nothing. This is killing me! Can anyone help??? THANKS!