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Originally Posted by a burrito View Post
im still not digging that carbon fiber roof on the e92. i think its tacky and playful. although the roof serves a purpose of saving weight, it looks flashy and attracts unwanted attention. also, the purpose of having it on the e92 but not the e90? i don't really understand.. are they saying that the e92 is more sportier than the e90?

the 1 series.. lines are beautiful lights are terrible.
Yes, coupes are considered more sporty than sedans. Not old news by any means. Sedans lack certain color combos and the CF roof due to the perceived nature of coupe vs sedan buyers. The CF roof saves about 40 lbs. when compared to the steel roof with a moonroof. Subtract the moonroof (...and its necessary operating mechanisms) from the equation, and the weight savings are a lot less. I'm opting for a sedan sans the moonroof.