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Originally Posted by chicagobimmerboy View Post
Even though I am a BMW fan all across the board I do have a soft spot for some of M-B products, specifically the S63-65. With the recent announcement that the BMW CS will be built I can't help but think that the title of "above the 7-series" will put it in S-class territory. Let's hope an S63 competeing M variant shows up!!! plus if BMW cram the same amount of toys in the CS as M-B do in the S I will be hooked.

What do you guys think the CS will turn into a luxo only saloon or an AMG pounder with a touch of class?
I wouldn't say it puts it in the S-class because the 7-series is right now as big if not bigger (the LI) then the S-class and handles better. What it does give up is straightline performance to the AMG variants of the S-class. Even then, the 760 LI is close to the S63.......I think the CS concept is more aimed at competing with the CLS, then the S. Just my .02 though cause I don't work at BMW