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Originally Posted by RedStripe
sharp1183, good to see you back, I was actually going to post a missing persons thread.... seriously.

You and I have been around since May, and we've been through that iDrive mp3 fiasco. Have you gotten yours updated yet? I have an appointment for tomorrow.
Hey, thanks RedStripe! It's nice to feel appreciated!

Actually, no I haven't been to the dealer since the summertime when I had my motion sensor installed for the alarm (that fiasco! )

But no, I haven't even called about it. I figured I'd wait until I was sure that the dealer would know EXACTLY what I was talking about ...because I mentioned the mp3 thing in the summer and the service dept had no idea what I was talking about.

Anyway, yeah if you've got the appointment tomorrow, make sure you let us know how things turn out when you're done.