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Originally Posted by CALIF65GM View Post
The color was not popular and dealers don't order them for inventory. I only saw one on my dealer's lot and it was ordered as a Loaner. As an example, the day of my delivery, they parked the car in the showroom. A CA with a couple walked by it and pointed it out that it was Mystic Blue and the lady immediately said "nahhhh". I was standing towards the rear of the car and I could hear the conversation.

Not really a chameleon color, but it can be rather dull when it's dirty. When it's clean and in direct sunlight then it becomes more alive.

It'll be tough finding a used one. In 2-years, I think I can count on my hands all of the Mystic Blue e90s that I've seen. I see a lot more of them on the 5s.
Yeah, which is the reason I've been offering a finder's fee if someone could find me one within a 50 mile radius of me...

I've seen a ton of Alpine Whites and many Jet Black/Sapphire Black, but I've yet to see a Mystic Blue. From what I've seen in pictures, I love it.

There is actually a really sweet Mystic Blue 525i near me, monthly payments would be around $570 a month. It had the sport package and premium package, but if I'm switching to BMW, I want AWD.
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