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Originally Posted by 1clean335i View Post
What kind of resistors do you guys use and which wire do you splice them in? Im not too familiar with the whole wiring resistors inline with the harness stuff. Havent really had to do that kind of stuff till now..
Speaking of resistors, I have experience in using them since I took avionics class when I was at college getting a license to work on planes.

I had the V1 hardwiring install and the plate LED's install planned for today but my gf's car is at the shop getting snow tires installed and she needed a ride to college...on top of that my uncle called and wanted to put the headlights back in his '02 firebird because I replaced the stripped plastic gears with brass at the shop.

Everytime I want to do something to my car...something always gets in the way and I hardly have time to do it afterwards...

Tomorrow afternoon looks like I'm gonna get to it...

As for the resistors, you need to measure the resistance between the two terminals in the stock headlight housing (disconnected from the car) with a multimeter set to measure a resistance value.

Then you get a resistor that matches the value and wire it inline on the positve side (because that reads back to the OBC with resistance value of the bulb)
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