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Originally Posted by Booboo12 View Post
I went back to my parts dept. Dropped my BMWCCA membership card on the desk, then asked how much for a quart of oil. he said $8.50 a quart and acted like he was giving me the deal of a lifetime. I pulled the cataloge off his shelf, showed him the MSRP of $5.40 in the catalogue and all he could say was "I don't pay that much for oil.."... I resisted in saying "No sh-t, you pay less..." but decided to give all my parts $$$ to another shop who sold me a filter for $8 and oil for $4.85... needless to say, I bought a couple of filters and two cases of oil... BMWNA says the parts dept are owned seperately than the BMW Shops.. Ok fine, but they are giving BMW a BAD BAD name... They wouldn't get even close to an all 5's in my book... luckily BMWNA doesn't have that on their checklist, but I did tell em than in the comments...

ps: tischer bmw is having a special - 10 filters for $75 with free shipping...

Sucks that they don't come with the O-rings. I got my filter from a BMW parts manufacturer. Probably the company that BMW outsource their filters to. I'll take pics of it when I get it in.