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Originally Posted by obLu
Is it just me, or is thing incredibly annoying to get apart? No clips, all bolts. I saw one that looked like a complete pain in the a$$ to get to, down around some hoses. That was it, closed the hood and went back inside; more effort than it's worth.
Hi... taking it apart is simple. You need to take the airbox out, which is done by taking the two 10mm bolts out on the right side, where it mounts to the inside of the wheel well.. and undoing the hose clamp with a regular screwdriver, by the mass airflow sensor. The entire airbox lifts right out then.

You'll only need a T25 torx driver to take the 6 torx screws out that hold the 2 halves of the airbox together.

There is no way to get at all of those screws without first removing the airbox.