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Should I... 535?

I currently have an 06 330i, but lately I have had a bad fever to get a new 535. Am I crazy?

My 330i is two years old, has 32K miles, and is silver on grey leather with premium, cold weather and fold down rear seats. I love the car, it drives great, and it's almost paid for too! But I have had some problems with it and it's just kind of "flat" for me. I think the creak in the dash and misc problems (steering column, run flats, etc) have me sorta down on it. But damn it drives good! Flip side, it's a wee bit small. But damn it drives good!

I am tempted to spring for a new 08 535, deep sea blue, tan or grey leather interior with premium, sport pkg, heated seats, logic 7 stereo, and fold down rear seats. I do hesitate, however, on the twin turbo technology, the idrive and the new set of run flats. I can only imagine a new car with so many bells will again have new problems. Upside is it is a little bigger, drives freakin' unreal and has that wow factor.

I'll hammer til I get a good deal on the 535, but even so the upgrade will cost me another 20 to 23K.

Would you do it if you were me?