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Originally Posted by mkaaes View Post
I practiced competative Muay Thai for 5 yrs and it's not a countering martial art. It's pretty straight foward, but your shins will take a beating. As far as JKD goes, it's very difficult to find a good place. I've sparred with many people who claimed to have trained in JKD, but I've been disappointed because it was almost aways mostly kick boxing, and not always good kick boxing. I'm currently training in Wing Chun, it is very different from the movie Kung Fu bullshit and very different from my Muay Thai. This is a semi-countering martial art, it's philosophy is very interesting and is worth checking out if you can find a good place. Martial arts is a very personal decision and personal path.
fuck, there's no post where i can put +1's more than this!!!!!

it's very unfortunate but JKD has become a commercial tag that people train MMA under. I know of a place in OC where Nico lives that's okay, but it will still look very much like filipino arts/BJJ/Muay Thai. which i think is fine, it's a good combo to develop skill for JKD.

and +10000000 on WC man. it kicks ass man. Mantis is a bit close to WC especially the way we train for sensitivity, etc.

it is also very very very unfortunate that socal Kraav Maga places are very commercial (McDojo's).

I would recommend Mantis, but the problem for traditional chinese martial arts is it will take a few months or a whole year before you start seeing value in what you have trained. There's a lot of concentration on basics, and building different muscles of your body, plus building up your sensitivity/making your body relaxed, etc.
you will basically learn drills, and fight sequences with other people in your class, but you wont go full power before you pass 6 months then

the reason why i dont recommend Muay Thai alone is coz ur pretty much screwed when it comes to locks, grappling, take downs, etc. believe it or not, the easiest people to take down is Muay Thai fighters wen they lift a knee or a leg.