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Originally Posted by 335iheLLraiseR View Post
i don't mind the class. i really don't want that experience with a big sweaty guy strapped to my ass. Now if its like a 6ft blonde thats another story.
So a big 6' Blonde GUY would be acceptable?

Just kidding

Baller has it right - Accelerated free fall is type of solo jump for beginners. It's basically a class (in SoCal it was a 4.5 hour one) and it's followed by an "assisted" jump. I had two instructors jump with me (one on each side), which held on to me until I was stabilized (facing down) and gave them the thumbs up. Then, the rest of the way down to the ground was on me. A true SOLO jump requires certification (when I lived in CA, anyway).

I did a tandem jump in Clewiston, FL and it was a little scary (plane, etc.). I've heard of a place in Homestead that has a first rate deal.

I'd love to join in and jump again, but not doing it since becoming a Father (my life insurance won't cover risky hobbies so no more jumping for me)

Whoever hasn't tried it, should definitely give a try though - It is a true rush!