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Towers meet report

Went to the Towers meet, disappointed not to find any E90 post members. My friend (330ci, sport, SMG) parked next to me in one section where a Porsche GT3 parked next to us. A little after we got there, two E46 M3's roll up and we group up and start talking. A 325, two 318s and another M3 show up as well. Shortly after, member PrinceOfCats shows up with his E92 Active Autowerke 335 (XEDE and AA exhaust). My friend in his Imola Red E46 M3 (who I have raced numerously) wanted to see what a chipped/exhaust car will do (I only have exhaust and I still get walked after 120 mph). My friend only has a K&N drop-in in his M3. Of course, we did some runs and I shot some poor quality video with my phone (our only means of video at the time).

We shot some pictures I will post up as I get them and I also will post up a different thread of the M3 vs. Active 335 in Forced Induction.

The cops broke it up at 10 (the ending time) and we took it to a different area to hang out. Another Imola Red M3 came to join and the rest of the gang showed up to hang out along with PrinceOfCats in his 335.

Overall, it was a great time and we are going to start doing some more of these group-ups in BMW sections at Towers in the future. I have all the M3's numbers and all the other BMW numbers so we will group together and have another Towers meet in a few weeks with the Moroso meet next Friday.

When I post up about a Towers meet next time, don't miss out! We will have a big BMW section starting to represent. Plenty of M3s and 335s to come!

Our 'second' meet at a different location.

Pic of one of the M3's.

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