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Did my first oil change on the car w/1830 on the odo. Went very smoothly save a few spots of oil on the garage floor.

I measured the drained oil and it only came out to ~6.25 qt, plus whatever the filter was holding, so approx. 6.5 qt total. However I only added what came out of the drain plug (6.25 qt) and the car shows that I'm full.

Anyone wanna chime in on this? Am I probably going to need to add that extra .25 - .75 qts as the filter gets more saturated w/more driving? It's a little unsettling to me because a few folks reported they threw in a full 7, but there was that one guy who said he only put in about 6 qts and it took a days worth of driving around to show that he needed to add more oil.

Also... is everyone taking oil readings while the car is stationary or moving?