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Originally Posted by luxman999
If I'm not mistaken, BMW's new E54 3.5L turbo charged engine is rated for 306hp. If Lexus IS350's 3.5L naturally aspirated engine can produce identical 306hp without any turbo, why the heck BMW needs turbo charger in their new 3.5L engine to achieve 306hp??? If Lexus added turbo charger to their 3.5L engine, their output would be close to or even over 400hp. Am I missing something here???
You are. It's 3.0L, not 3.5L.
And it's a bi-turbo - much more responsive engine. Give it better gearbox (e.g. ZSG) and you have a baby M3.
And 306HP (=302hp by US standard or 225kW - while IS350 has 228kW) is only one of several possible programmable power outputs. It's just a marketing decision what power label to stick on the engine.

335i will kill IS350 any time. Just wait and see.

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