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If the new E54 engine only has 3.0 liter, then why name the car as 335i? Well, the current 325i has 3.0 liter engine, so it's just a way for BMW to differentiate their models. But I think these naming (325i, 330i and 335i) is very confusing if they all have 3.0 liter engines.

Honestly if I have to choose between 3.0 liter turbo engine with 306hp and 3.5 liter naturally-aspirated engine with 306hp, then I'll pick 3.5 liter engine, especially when their prices and performance are similar. This is no brainer. Why buy a turbo engine that is more complicated and more things to break down????

So what is the real advantage of turbo charged 3.0 liter engine over naturally-aspirated 3.5 liter? Does it have better performance, better reliability, better gas mileage or cost less? I think answers are clear NO to all. I really don't know what BMW guys are smoking these days.....