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Originally Posted by GotAlottaCash View Post
they dont care who buys it. they're making more money arent they? im 17 and i have a 335i.. i have 3 friends who have e92 335is also.. we dont drive like asses, and we dont try to race everyone and anything. stereo-type. its just a nice car. do you think that Bentley and Rolls-Royce thought it was a bad idea when all these professional athletes (blacks) go and buy there cars and put rims on i dont think they mind to much
This thread started off on the right foot...... Unnecesary man.

*****ed335BMW I don't think at all that this car will bring down the "class" of BMW. I know when I am driving any car be it a POS or an expensive car I could car less what the person on the LIE next to me thinks nor do I think anything about anyone else. The car is BASE $35,675. As stated earlier not something every "ricer" is going to get their hands on. Will it happen? Sure, but I can show you pictures of an Enzo thats riced out. My point being it is going to happen to every car out there.

Next year when I get the car we can meet up on a run or something and hopefully ATLEAST agree to disagree .