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Originally Posted by Yobyot
My story is that I had to give the dealer a printout of both the SIB and an email from BMW NA saying that the update was available.

So, they did the update (along with rework from botched repairs in December) a week ago. But no MP3. So, it's back one more time tomorrow.

Interestingly, they repair order does explicilty say "retrofitted" about the MP3 functionality. I know e90fleet was specific about this in his posts.

So, I am worried that these guys either did it and it doesn't work in my car or, more probably, the repair order language is not what they did. I suspect the latter because I had them update the programming to CIP 19 to get RDS and the repair order says "RDS not available in this car." Of course, it worked.

Update: success (of a sort).

Took the car in yesterday along with a copy of this thread and three MP3 CDs. They had the car for two hours and when I got it back, MP3 CDs play. (But I have the problem of truncated file names).

The reason that I think it's only a partial success is the RO said simply "confirmed customers' MP3 CD's play."

In short, even though I tested the CDs in the morning before I dropped off the car and they didn't play, the dealer is making it sound like I was the problem.

They needed a lot of help to get this done: a copy of the SIB, a copy of an email from BMW NA customer relations saying an update was available, the link to "PUMA" (whatever that is) and two trips to the dealer costing me time from work.

But, at the end of the day, it was the customers' problem.

Oh well...some institutions can never admit they had trouble or that they learned from someone else.

Anyone know how to get full names to show on retrofitted E90s? I tried the Nero burning instructions to no avail. The long names are definitiely there in Windows Explorer. It's the E90 that doesn't display them.