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Originally Posted by aphall
DavidN, I've read that you have to let the Klasse SG residue sit on the paint for at least 20 minutes before buffing off, and to use one wet MF towel and one dry MF towel to do this. What are your thoughts?

Also, some have said to use two coats of AIO. Once to "clean" the paint, and another to coat it. Again, your thoughts? Thanks!
With regard to SG application and removal;

I've used the method you outlined (one wet towel, one dry towel) and did not have success with it. The problem with it stems from introducing moisture to the SG before it has had time to fully cure (this takes at least 24 hrs). My SG, when using this method, became cloudy and oily. I would not recommend it based on my experience. as for letting SG sit for 20 minutes, again I disagree with this. the longer SG sits on the paint, the harder it is to remove. I've also used this method numerous times and am not fond of it. The SG was like glue. Very hard to remove. The best time to remove SG is once it has flashed. For SG this flashing occurs immediately after application, hence why I recommend the 'wipe on wipe off' method above.

As for AIO;

If youwant toa plly two coats go ahead. But you won;t be doing it for the reason you stated above. AIO has very little acrylic protection in my experience (maybe 1 month). So in reality, you are not really laying down much protection in the first place. Two applications of AIO will provide more cleaning power. Assuming AIO did in fact lay down legitimate protection, 2 coats in this scenario would NOT yield the results you indicated above. The relaity is AIO is a cleaner that will leave some protectiive qualities behind. The product does not change from layer to the next (more cleaning, then more protection). The end result will be the same no matter how many layers you apply. With that said, I don't prescribe to the theory that 2 layers of AIO are better because the first will clean and the other will protect. It doesn't make sense.