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Don't do Business with Park Ave. BMW in New Jersey!

Hey guys,

Do yourself a favor and never do business with Park Ave. BMW on Rte 17 in New Jersey. I had the worst experience trading in my second BMW and picking up the third. First off, they told me to pick up the car 2 weeks before my lease was up and never took care of the partial month for coming in early. Then they charged me $650 dollars for a windshield that had a nick in it about 4 millimeters in diameter. The woman handling the return could have took care of it but told me just to complain to BMW about it. Nice right? Then after looking at the car, I see the trim on the doors of the couple is jet black and the back trim is the wood it's supposed to be. How this car went through all these inspections like this I'll never know. They took no money off and did nothing for me except give me an IOU for trim. My salesman was Dominick DiFalco. I called him after 2 months to ask about the trim and he told me it wasn't in yet. (They must be growing the trees to make the wood I guess) Now it's almost 4 months and no return calls from Dominick or the owner of the dealer. Have made many complaints to BMW and they tell me to call the dealer. I'm ready to put a brick on the gas pedal and drive it into a brick wall. Ok, enough ranting, lol. Anybody know someone in BMW I can call to take care of this? And does anybody know a way I can get rid of this lease since it isn't technically the car I ordered?